(photo by: deb roby)

The #1 rule (and only as far as I’m concerned) of gym etiquette is to PUT YOUR WEIGHTS AWAY!  How many times do I come to the rack, or any machine where you load your own weights (i.e. leg press) and its loaded up? Answer is…EVERYDAY!  There’s this awkward stand there, look around, see if it looks like anyone might be using it, asking the person next to it (if there is one), “hey, is anyone using this?”.  So frustrating.  Today the leg press behind me was loaded with 600 lbs.!!!!!! (not the one pictured above…but close) That is ten 45 lb. plates, and six 25’s…REALLY?!?!  The guy that came to use it was not pleased that he had to take all that off.  Come on people, lets have some common courtesy and clean up after ourselves!

I know you’ve heard of mans best friend, well, this is woman’s best friend. Not diamonds, but one and a quarter barbell plates. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?!

As a strength lifter, (most) routines are based around the idea of progressive loading (meaning adding weight to every exercise, every time you lift). If you’re a weakling, like me, increasing 5lbs a workout is going to slowly (or quickly) become too much. Solution=these plates. As of now I’m carrying mine in a crown royal bag (classy!) but in my mind I have an idea for something better. Our fitness empire (we’re building, didn’tya know?) will make and sell a little tote bag for your weights. Cute, right?

I’m guessing that needing these plates is not going to transform anyones life, at least not yet.  I think that I personally know everyone that’s out their reading, and if you’re doing a progressive loading workout without me knowing, I’ll be hurt.  Hopefully someday you will though, and you’ll be happy that you read this!